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Turbo 400 input shaft spline count

The stock ones break pretty easy. 1 certification bellhousing that fits all Chevrolet 90 degree V8's including early and late LS engines and 4. both of my transmissions are 32 spline. 76 in the 1/8th, 12. Used extensivley in GM cars and trucks and shares mounting location, spline count, and length with most other GM 3 and 4 speed manuals, as well as later Powerglides. 5" and 2. $ 170. What clutch set-up do I need to use? Factory 4-speed style clutch components. Complete NP203 and NP205 Transfer Case All NP203's and NP205's are completely rebuilt with new wear parts (bearings, seals, etc. The correct method of measuring the output shaft is from the end of the case to the end of the output shaft. ) must be swapped out to a 10 or 27 spline GM 205 input, or bored out to 90mm and have a 31 or 32 spline input shaft installed. The transmission output shaft fits directly S/10 NV3500 has the same output shaft as a TH350 UNLESS you have a fullsize truck nv3500. unsurpassed strength and reliability under the most severe conditions. With Reverse Pattern Transbrake. These came behind Turbo 400 or SM465 transmissions & the 5 speed I got this NP205 with adapter and coupling from my buddy who had it bolted to a turbo 400. 7 with a 700r4 auto trans (early 90s model with a 205 transfer case(1976 vintage. These shafts require some minor machining of the stator support to accommodate the included turbo support bushing. Both Dodge and Ford NP271 transfer cases have driveside drops. $495. Transmission Gear Ratios. The spline count on your TH400 is 32, so the input on the 208 will be the same, 32. This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the 4WD GM TH400 automatic transmission. The GM and Dodge 203 box are virtually identical. 2 qt. The old turbo 350 just got replaced with another. Most 4wd 6L90Es have 29 splines and the 2wd version have a larger 36 spline. E. A thousand hp capable glide is going to have just about all aftermarket hardware. 1) of (2) Powerglide 17-spline input shafts; the short set of splines are from The P/G input shaft spline length has changed over the years by different manufacturers, and even today there is no set length or standard length in the industry. 20. Input Spline: We have run into two different input spline configurations on these cases. 32 spline (Short); 32 spl (Long): The units supplied with a T400 Automatic (also SM465 86-up) have a 32 spline female input. Increase the strength of your performance TH400 transmission with this high grade Vasco steel input shaft. Increased spline count to 35 between the drum and input shaft. good luck and remember to get all GM parts next time. Adjusted Price May 01, 2010 · Common Transfer Cases Guide - Picking High And Low Ranges Dual/triple case kits, low gears sets, twin stick kits, rear disconnect kits, chromoly output shaft Input spline count: 21 or 23 26, 27 or 30 spline on GTO LS2 T56 output shaft? « on: May 19, 2010, 11:21:26 AM » Prop shop are making me a prop. 1998-2000 4L60E transmissions may or may not have the same input shaft as a 1984 What is the Spline count output shaft turbo 350 matched to the input shaft. NP231 transfer cases come with either a 21 or 23 spline female input. . VERY EASY TO DO. lbs. 73 posi, disc brake, narrowed 8. TH350, 700R4, and NV3500 are the other spline setup. Overall drum & input shaft weight is 2. you'll also need a th400-np241 adapter. M. Input Shaft Style: TH350/400. 3L 4X4 1987-1992 GMC K1500 5. 5 to 2. You're The original version of the transmission had a 27-spline input shaft (shared with the THM200C and 2004R) which was a common failure point. * Input Shaft is precision machined from 300 Maraging Steel. (d) lnstall the two mounting bolts of the upper transmis- sion, and torque the bolts. OEM forward drum with larger internal broach for input shaft, unit comes as shaft pressed into drum. Ford uses 24 spline with manual transmissions and 31 and 34 spline units. ) Remachine the 203 output shaft with 32 splines. These Turbo 400, Forged 4340, 1 piece output shafts are brand-new replacements and come with extra-long splines and markings so they can be cut to Powerglide length all the way down to the shortest 4x4 length. Input Shaft Style: TH350/400 When upgrading the engine of your race car, rely on FTI® to ensure your transmission can handle the power under the hood. to 35 at the drum connection. SM465 uses a 5 1/8" bearing retainer into the bellhousing. This item has been tested in vehicles producing over 800 foot pounds of When converting from an automatic transmission to a Muncie four-speed, GM vehicles with a Turbo 350 or Powerglide automatic can use an early 10-spline input shaft Muncie without having to modify the original driveshaft. Delivering modern power levels through the transmission is no easy task. This gear The original version of the transmission had a 27-spline input shaft (shared with the THM200C and 2004R) which was a common failure point. Upgrades include a If the donor vehicle has RPO = M30, 27 spline (4 pinions), probably came from behind a 4L60E transmission and was a 1500/ 1/2-ton application. NP208 Transfer Case Specs the NP208 may have a 27-spline shaft or a 32-spline shaft. They feature increased lubrication flow and strength with a resized diameter that provides optimum stress distribution along the entire length of the shaft and along the Adapting the TH400. All three Mar 14, 2016 · How To Count The Input Shaft Splines On A Turbo 350C Transmission Difference - Duration: 1:06. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1500 Orders Jun 23, 2015 · The TR6060 features the best of the best T56 components—including triple-cone syncros, steel shift forks, and a 31-spline output—while still utilizing a 26-spline input, many of the same gear The output shaft has 29 splines. 3L 4X4 1987-1992 Chevrolet K1500 5. According to a 2008 article published in Hemmings Motor News, the Super T-10s "were built to withstand the higher rpm requirements for the larger muscle car engines. The TH400 is conservatively rated at 450 ft. In Ford, there are 31 splines; in Dodge trucks, there are 23 input splines Yes, all 700's are lock-up. Does not Include: Dipstick, Torque Converter. Input Shaft 27 Spline GM w/ TH350: MWTNP11401 $ 166. In 1984, the 700R4 designed for use behind Chevrolet small block V8s received a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and which also used a different torque converter than its 2 NOTE 1: Any of these may also have a switch threaded into the case on the passenger side near the TV cable. Warn Industries - $396. Recommended fluid is Automatic The Super T-10 featured a large, 26-spline input shaft, as compared to a smaller 10-spline input shaft of the original T-10 transmission. Also similar to 700R4/4L60E (early production and some bolt-on bellhousing variants e. Be the first to write a review. Figure 4 – Front input of Chevy NP203 showing asymmetrical 7-bolt pattern and 10-spline input indicating SM465 version. As for the NP 218, it's the T-case for the older model Military Hummers, the new Hummers have the NVG 241 or 242, don't remember exactly. Funny thing, they never changed the input shaft on the 200-4R, and the aftermarket stuff for those is still 27 spline. The foundation starts with a tough and tested Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Off-road race case and SFI 30. Glass beaded, race prepped oem transmission case . about 200 dollars. First  You put the Gear Vendors behind a powerglide, TH-350, or TH400 and you have a trans package that stays Provide output shaft spline count when ordering. Aftermarket building techniques take it well past that figure. 72:1 ratio, and has a aluminum case has either 4WD partl-time manual shift. TH400 4x4 Output Shaft Measurement. "ULTIMATE TURBO III LOCK-UP" XST • 1-1/4" 29 SPLINE INPUT SHAFT • 1-1/8" MAIN SHAFT • BILLET PUMP ASSEMBLY • HIGH TORQUE 6. $260. If the input shaft is visible, the number of circumferential grooves on the input shaft will also generally indicate the Muncie type. Level 4 Automatic Transmission Assembly - Part Number TH400-4 (TH4004) by FTI. Quick Ship available! handle up to 550hp/500tq. 67: 19: Input Shaft 29 Spline Dodge Diesel: MWTNP4505316 $ 166. The mounting pad on the 700R4 uses the typical TH350 / manual trans 3. can somebody tell me how many splines are on the T56's output shaft, from a 2004ish GTO LS2 ? Turbo 400 Billet Steel Forward Drum and Heavy Duty Input Shaft. 250" Be the first to write a review. Drum is machined from 4140 HTSR billetsteel. Here is a writeup on ET loss from TH350 to TH400. 52-4710. 52-4735. Also known as a turbo spline, this is the same spline used in the Turbo Hydromatic transmissions (TH350 and TH400). A 4 speed manual transmission was not offered with the 6 cylinder. Input Shaft Material: Hardened Steel. The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. JEGS Performance 3,100 views. Modified front pump converter charge . Committed to quality and innovative thinking, FTI builds some of the world’s best racing transmissions and related components available one the market. 0" stickout) and long (more like 3-3. 1 SFI Rating, 31 lbs. A lot the Cobra guys use these Liberty 26 Spline Input Shaft T56 2003-04 Mustang Cobra [InputShaft] - $268. TY750 - Turbo 400 Chrome Moly (4140) Transmission Yoke (1350 series) - 32 Spline - Billet Re Moser Engineering manufacturers the highest quality Forged Chrome Moly (4140 thru-hardened) transmission yokes. Shaft Length Option: Short; Material: Heat Treated 300M Steel; Spline Tooth Count: 27. It keeps the fluid temp down when in high gear. $38 400 BILLET INPUT SHAFT & DRUM Billet TH400 input shaft with larger spline in drum. The TH400 has a case length of 24. 57 2nd) C4 − 1970-82 289-351, SMALL BELLHOUSING, 26-SPLINE INPUT SHAFT, DIPSTICK 1996 and later converters have a 90° style bolt pattern with the counter Regal Turbo, Monte Carlo SS and Turbo Trans Am vehicles. 62). 00 MT 28169 - Turbo spline TH 350 Auto – 27-spline female input. The specialty jeep TH400 case is 24 1/2 inches long. 54 speedometer gear ratio, and enter 6. 18. So far I have not seen if the 280CE donor 717. I have no reason to think it isn't at this point. When I was researching getting a new brake for my car, it sounded like the Griner brake was one of if not the fastest that you can buy off the shelf. 1) of (2) Powerglide 17-spline input shafts; the short set of splines are from The first thing people do with a glide is put a 400 size input shaft in them. If RPO = MT1 or MT8, 32 spline (6 pinions), most likely came from a 2500 or 3500 with a 4L80E trans. 30 PPROT). Lockup 904 transmissions appeared in 1978, and have 26 splines. A-500 overdrive transmissions also have 26 splines. (i think 27, but i didn't count 'em) B&M Performance and Off-Road introduces the new Rock/Race GM TH400 Automatic transmission specifically designed and built for Off-Road competition. The output shaft has always been 27 spline. The 1982 output shaft on the TH350 used a 27-spline output shaft and had a 1-inch countershaft diameter. Remember. 67: 19: Input Shaft 31 Spline Ford: MWTNP11656 $ 165. 8L V6, While 4. For example, below is a picture (Fig. Extreme Strength Output Shaft 28922-27S. Turbo 400 Steel Forward Drum & Input Shaft. I put a GM box in my Bronco and I put a Dodge box in my friend's. 700R4 Speedometer Gear Types. " TH-700R4 Basic Information [by: M&M CUSTOM] The Turbo-Hydramatic (TH) 700R4 automatic overdrive transmission was introduced to Chevrolet vehicles in 1981 for the 1982 model year vehicles. We must have the input shaft spline count when ordering a converter for a 200-4R, 700R4, 4L60 or 4L60E transmission. If you have a different length or different spline then it is from an aftermarket kit. 00: 19: Input Shaft 32 Spline 10 inches TH400 & SM 465: MWTNP16047: NLA: 5: Output Shaft, Front 32 Spline Input Shaft 27 Spline GM w/ TH350: MWTNP11401 $ 166. so theres a lot of confusion about spline count and such So Thought the 27 spline was t56 Chevy. ADV 50-8500 - $175. 50 lbs lighter than the OEM drum & shaft with major weight reduction on the O. The input shaft is permanently located in the drum by a shoulder stop and snap ring. Any significant deviations will force the engine to labor as it catches back up, and perhaps even unload the tires and suspension. #N#Ford Transmission Installation Instructions. D Input Shaft & Fwd Drum. To quickly find your slip yoke, use the filters below for transmission model, spline count and more. Shop 400 Chevy Small Block V8 Transmission parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. The shaft strikes the perfect balance between strength and ease of installation with a 1-1/8” dia. Theres no way you got a 400 type yoke in a 350 even with vaseline. 00. Details about GM TH400 TURBO 400 OUTPUT SHAFT32 SPLINE LONG Transfer Case 32 Spline Input Shaft 19019. Your choice of shift lever . Fitment: Chevy GMC Sierra Silverado 2500 3500, Yukon XL 2500 Suburban 2500 Models with 33 Splines and 3 Blanks on Selector Shaft. Powerglide: 3,000 inch: 76,20 mm: 4,500 inch: 114,30 mm: G. Hughes Performance competition transmissions deliver . (This part I have not personally verified, but a rebuilder claimed it was possible. Turbo 400 takes the same 30 spline converters also. The GM/Chevy NP231 is supplied with a 27-spline female input Gearstar’s GM 4L70E transmissions are custom-built to withstand some serious stress, through intensive modification. everythinv was workng fine together,i put about 5000 miles on the combo until one day i stopped at. We typically always build our Powerglides with Turbo spline input shafts unless the customer specifically requests a Powerglide 17-spline OEM-style Turbo 400 Performance Transmission Parts; Powerglide Turbo Spline input Shaft - 300M. 7" ALUMINUM  Results 1 - 25 of 45 This is a TH400 output shaft with a TH350 27 tooth spline count to be used with splines evolved into the Turbo spline/30 spline input shafts. The drum is made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. 1 May 1999 Driveshaft spline count will both help identify the differences between the TH-350 and the The TH-400 uses a larger 32-spline output shaft. Shaft has standard turbo spline with holes in front of shaft. Undercuts behind the splines are eliminated, resulting in increased spline length and diameter, increasing spline engagement at the clutch housing interface over 35%. the coupling i got from my buddy is smaller than 32 spline. In 1984, the 700R4 designed for use behind Chevrolet small block V8s received a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and which also used a different torque converter than its 2 All, I picked up a muncie and of course he told me it was a M22. The 70’s Jeeps with Turbo 400 automatics had a 32 spline output shaft and used a spud shaft in an adapter housing. TCS has introduced a NEW INPUT SHAFT for the Turbo 400 that has the torque converter lube holes removed from the shaft to deliver superior strength. extra capacity transmission pan 200-4R transmissions and 1982 / 1983 700R4 transmissions have a 27 spline input shaft. Borg-Warner T-56 transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1987-1992 Chevrolet K1500 4. However, the CJ5 has to narrow of a wheelbase to accommodate it. You Input Shafts TCI® Hardened Input Shafts are constructed from hardened, aircraft quality Vaccu Melt 300 billet steel or Vasco 300 high strength steel for maximum durability. 3L V6 engines. Dry: Maximum GVW: 14,500 lb. Shaft to drum spline count has been increased from 30 to 35 splines for extra contact and strength. • Heavy Duty 300 M Hardened Input Shaft- •Exclusive 30 Spline Turbo Clutch Hub,. Stage One shafts feature a standard spline count, while State Two one-piece input shafts are offered in larger diameters and feature higher spline counts. GM TH400’s primarily used 3 different output shaft lengths, all are 32 spline. 00: 19: Input Shaft 32 Spline 7 1/2†GM w/ TH400: MWTNP13929 $ 160. Keep in mind when searching based on transmission model that some transmissions have several different output shaft spline counts, like the GM T5 27 spline and Ford T5 28 spline yoke. Price: $159. 24@109. In which case the yoke would be the same as a TH400. There are plenty of stock shaft, stock drums, stock cases and gears TH400 that handle a thousand hp with ease. GM POWERGLIDE. 8 Exploder rear, LS Camaro front discs, Cal-Trac clone traction bars, Best N/A passes to date: 7. This is my 1976 Scottsdale K20, it originally came with a 400 small block (swapped out for 350) 350 turbo trans, Np203 full time 4x4, HD 44 front axle, 14 bolt 1 ton rear axle. Confirm spline count on input shaft and converter match. Part Number: POW-62 yes the input shaft may be different. There is a slight difference in a couple of lugs cast into the box, but the bolt patterns are the same. We also offer input shafts that will allow the use of a 17-spline Powerglide converter with a Turbo-350/400 transmission. The torsional design increases the shaft's strength and is recommended for all applications over 700 horsepower. MT 28109 - Turbo spline. A-904 transmissions from their inception until 1967 have 18 splines in the input shaft. 75 Low/TH400 − 2. 1996-00 GMT325/330 (S-series) with the Vortec 4. 700R4's 1982-83 are 27 spline, 1984 could be either way 27 or 30 spline, 1985 and up are 30 spline. The 208 nor the 205 that was behind a TH400 will mate to the 700-R4 without changing the input splines on the TC to 27. lbs of input torque, though that can be easily upgraded with aftermarket May 13, 2018 · This is the Hughes steel billet input shaft for the Turbo 400, which has a spline count for the torque converter on one end and an increased number of splines for the modified forward drum. as stated SMALL block toploaders used a longer ( buy 3/8 inch) pilot bearing nose. 00 A "step above" factory. All 4L60E transmissions through 1997 have the same 30 spline input shaft as 1984-1993 700R4 transmissions. Muncie M21 T10 1350 3-3-2431X 31 Spline count. Yes i have another truck its a 1977 k2500 that i installed a 1996 vortec 5. For Ford applications make sure pilot hole in crank shaft and converter pilot are correct. 7L 4X4 1987-1992 GMC K1500 4. The Ford input should be 31 spline. Similarities between a TH350 and TH400 include input spline count, basic function of the holding elements and planetaries. * Increased spline count to 35 between the Drum and Input Shaft. Although the later 30-spline version is more desirable, both units can be interchanged if the proper spline-count torque converter is also used. Introduced in 1964, the TH400 is an automatic shift, three-speed, longitudinally positioned transmission. Note: All 2004R's are 27 spline. The factory output shaft has a spline count of 32 spline and had various output lengths. of input torque. Weight Input Shaft Spline Count: 26 Chevy Turbo 350/400 Flywheel Cover Bolt Kit It was used primarily with the 26-spline input shaft and larger 32-spline output-shaft models, so it appears that they were looking to optimize strength everywhere possible since the 454 engine was introduced in 1970. on the other side on the tail shaft, there's the borg warner casting mark with 13-04-066-901 cast under it. C6 4x4 Output Shaft Measurements. Increased spline count from 30 O. 31 With special low gear planetary installed (TH350 − 2. a traffic light went to take off and it sounded like it poped out of gear then started Yes i have another truck its a 1977 k2500 that i installed a 1996 vortec 5. Pretty much all overdrive auto transmissions will be. The trans seems to shift fine and 1st to 2nd is firm, not violent, 3rd is OK as well and sometimes going into 4th is a tad slower than I would like, but I hardly use 4th/OD. Driveshaft Speed - This VSS sensor can also provide a Driveshaft Speed input by splitting the signal wire to a 2nd Digital Speed Input (RPM). However, the early M20 has only a 7/8-inch diameter cluster pin, while the M22 has a 1-inch pin. 27 spline: The units supplied with a T350 or 700R4 automatic have a 27 spline female input shaft. 5" stickout. GM Transmission Installation Instructions. Shaft to drum spline count has been increased fr… Install a GM input gear into the ford case, so spline count matches. to 35 at the drum connection Turbo 400 Steel Forward Drum & Input Shaft The Turbo-spline shaft allows installation of a 30 spline Turbo-350/500 converter in your Powerglide. and a unique, high-strength spline that still fits through the front Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CHEVY GM TURBO 400 15 INCH OUTPUT SHAFT HAS THE 27 REAR SPLINE COUNT TURBO 375 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The spline count on the new TH400 I want to put in is 32 and the shaft is about 4" or so long. 95 : Lightning Force Performance Dodge Plymouth 4 Speed A833 Input Shaft 23 Spline 24 Tooth 11 1/8" OAL WT294-16 GM Turbo TH400 Trans Slip Yoke Muncie M21 T10 1350 3-3-2431X 31 Spline count The company starts by replacing the two-piece input shaft with a one-piece nonlockup 4340 chromoly unit (see photo) offered in two states. There are other spline counts available, but after the doubler a large count would be best. There are several aftermarket and rebuilt gear boxes on the market that have different shaft sizes. 4. It is widely regarded to be a supremely durable and legendary transmission. 52. Speedometer Gear Calculator. The Chevy NP203 bolt pattern is a unique, 7-bolt asymmetrical pattern, as seen in Figure 4. 52-7002. Billet steel high gear hub . 70 Radius 16x2 1/8 " Side Gear 10 Input Take out (Core Charge $ 250. Use with engines producing up to 750 foot pounds of torque in vehicles weighing up to 4000 pounds. TH 400 Auto – 32-spline female input. GM TH400 Performance Parts Turbo 400 Steel Forward Drum & Input Shaft (w/lube circuit). The production shaft is removed from the drum and replaced with a steel billet shaft welded in its place. STOP!! Before Ordering YOU MUST MEASURE YOUR GEAR BOX INPUT SHAFT. Small Bearing Dodge Fig 8 205's (23 Spline Auto App. We offer a heavy duty tailhousing kit for the Jeep Dana 20. In 1984, the 700R4 designed for use behind Chevrolet small block V8s received a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and which also used a different torque converter than its 2 The NP271 has 2. If not, back to a GM 203 case. In this case, it is necessary to replace the original 10 spline input gear with the equivalent gear-tooth-count 6 spline version. 00 VASCO INPUT SHAFTS Absolutely the strongest standard size input shaft on the market today! Vasco 300M material with special heat treat. Vary few early 1984 700R4 transmissions have a 27 spline input shaft. Be careful, as 1963-65 M20 Muncies are like later M22s in that they have no input shaft grooves. When this transition took place a  TCI Pro-X Aluminum Forward Drum Assembly GM TH400 Pro-X Hardened Input Shaft; GM Powerglide; 1. Late 1984 and newer 700R4 / 4L60 and 4L60E transmissions have a 30 spline count. 82 O. Adjusted Price: $159. Deep cast alum. Drum made from 4140 HTSR billet steel. Input shaft is precision machined from 300 Maraging Steel. May 30, 2012 · The turbo 400 transmission from the manufacturer had 3 different output shaft lengths, and those different lengths ranged from the years of early 1960's all the way up into the 1990's. May 05, 2005 · From left to right: Long 32-spline for the TH400 and some late SM465 trannies, short 32-spline for the TH400, and the 31-spline for Ford applications. Dodge The 1 1/8-inch 10 spline stock rear output is known to be weak and is no match for lower gears, big tires and V8 engines. 250" and a "Texas-shaped" oil pan underneath it. torque, coming in complete with the works, from a high-capacity 30,000 GVW transmission cooler, hardened input shaft, stator shaft and bearings and rings, to a high-capacity pump assembly, 10-clutch direct Note: All 2004R's are 27 spline. 0L 4X4 1987-1992 Chevrolet K1500 5. Each shaft is cut and splined (30) by BTE and heat treated to extreme levels to ensure durability. $ 156. Tci Auto C4 Hardened Input Shaft 26 Spline Count. 400 has a different input shaft (length and spline count) from a 616/617 717. 27 mph in the 1/4, gonna spray Converter Type Hub to Stator distance Hub to Turbine Spline; G. 3L and 1998-00 K2500 Chevrolet Pickup Factory Rebuilt Transfer Cases, we ship worldwide! To place an order please call the order desk at 763-425-7474 or toll free 1-800-444-0755. Tale housing number 3978764 is 1970 and later. Swapping the input shaft isnt a bad job if you have any mechanical abilities at NV4500 Transmission Oil capacity: 1 Gallon + Weight: 195 lb. Oct 07, 2004 · your transfer case has 27 splines on the input shaft. 58. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls. And a quick identifier for this is a threaded hole in the end of the output shaft. 00 Buy on eBay GM Turbo TH400 Trans Slip Yoke Muncie M21 T10 1350 3 3 2431X 31 Spline count TH400 Vasco Input Shaft. Turbo 350 and Turbo 400: 3,050 inch If you stick with 87' and newer the tranny will have a 30 spline input shaft and a 27 spline output shaft. TH350 4x4 Output Shaft Measurement. 1969 – 1971 Jeeps with the T14 transmission used a 10 spline shaft. STOCK SM465 4WD OUTPUT SHAFT 10 SPLINE $ 116. Adapter kit includes - Adapter housing, 27 x 23 spline spud shaft, snap rings, bearing, gasket, o-ring, and fastening hardware/instructions. You will need to know your u-joint series (Reference Page), spline count Transmission Applications: Fits various 26 spline transmission output shafts for early Dodge M20 , M21 , M22 , Richmond , Super T-10 , T-10 , TH-400 , Turbo 400. The Turbo 400 was introduced in 1964 in Buick and Cadillac cars and in Chevrolet and are replaced with a typically shorter 4wd style output shaft (included with our adapter assemblies) of varying lengths and spline counts, depending on the application. This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the GM TH400 automatic transmission in 4wd output of 2. 5" long, 80x23mm sealed input bearing. Correct the T5Z and T56 have the same OD and spline count so you can get a T5Z clutch package that’s interchangeable with T56 I cant exactly recall with detail the exact difference between T5 NA box and the Turbo T5z box but one is worth $50 and the other can still sell for $1000 due to the difference Rickracer ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician (well over 4 decades of experience, ) '93 S10 SB,RC, Comp XR276 Hydraulic Roller, Vortec head 363, 400 + hp, built 700R4, JW 2800 stall lockup converter, 3. I swapped out the full time 4x4 drive flanges and installed the factory External bolt on Spicer hubs. 0L 4X4 STEP 2 - Choose Your Transmission Slip Yoke. The SUPER STREET 5-Speed with Overdrive is the newest addition to the Richmond 7 5150536 22/36 Tooth Count INPUT SHAFT Sy-1330 Slip Yoke Turbo 400 6-SP Apr 13, 2011 · 700r is 27 spline 400 is 32 spline These are the outputs . However, there seems to be a big overlap from 1969 to 1970, with both of these cases. 00: 19: Input Shaft 32 Spline 10 inches TH400 & SM 465: MWTNP16047: NLA: 5: Output Shaft, Front 32 Spline Female Input, 1480 Output Flange, Straight Thru, 28 Spline Front Output Shaft; W/Female Input-1350 Chrome Moly Yoke U-bolt Style on rear output, 28 Spline Front Output Shaft; W/ Input Output 1480 Flange, 28 Spline Front Output Shaft; W/Female Input- 1480 Billet Yokes for Front and Rear Outputs TSI 300M Twin Ring Billet Input Shaft W/Bushing Proven for over 30 years to 1150 Hp Applications Bushed style Shaft to suit Turbo 400 or Powerglide Converters that do not have the bush in them *30 Spline Turbo Shaft *Must not have bushing in Torque Converter. The shafts that are "X'd" out are not useful for anything but their factory application, if yours has that and you need to adapt it, you'll have to change output shafts or change transmissions. the output shaft is the larger turbo 400 shaft. Input shaft machined from 300 Maraging. 1982, 1983 and some 1984 700R4 transmissions have a 27 spline count. 64. For example, a 63-70 Muncie + bell housing will replace a Turbo 350 tranny and use exactly the same yoke/driveshaft. Turbo 400 Performance Racing Transmissions; Powerglide 27 Spline Oversized Input Shaft - 1. 00 Advanced Adapters GM 4WD Th350 3 Speed Automatic Transmission to S-Series Truck Transfer Case Adapter Kit Turbo-Hydramatic 200 (TH200) Turbo-Hydramatic 350 (TH350) Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) General Camaro Transmission Information The 6 cylinder models came with Saginaw 3 speed transmissions. H. Unit also had the This is one of the places I can show where the 27/31 spline info is out there. The units have different input spline counts: Dodges have 23 and 29 spline inputs. Initially, the 700-R4 came with a 27-spline input shaft from 1982-’84. Does Richmond manufacture the T-10 for Ford Applications? No. (c) Align the input shaft tip with the pilot bearing, and push the transmission fully into position. Having the right shaft for your power level is the key to avoiding spline twist and shaft breakage at the track. Example #1: Divide 16 sensor pulses per revolution, by 2. GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 4WD Short Output Shaft. 25. 5" stickout) versions of this gear. Powerglide 300M Turbo Spline Input Shaft 12 7 8 Racing Performance USA MADE $175. 5 clutch high gear drum . 54 = 6. 400 Chevy Small Block V8 Transmission parts in-stock with same-day shipping. I've got 2 400's here. This drum eliminates the shaft breakage common at power levels over 300 foot pounds of torque. We have seen both a short (about 1. THIS IS THE LISTED CASE! 32 spline: This is the preferred shaft, as it is the strongest. This transmission yoke ships with all necessary hardware including u-bolts, nuts and lock washers. 75 inch bolt spacing. If the 465 you have is 32 spline and the 205 off of the t400 is 32 spline you need a adapter to put them together A th350 is 27 spline when a 205 was on one of these it had a spud shaft that mated them together It has been modified with Kevlar clutch pack, better shell, 30 spline input shaft, TransGo shift kit and a few other mods that I don’t remember. The Turbo 400 was introduced in 1964 in Buick and NP435 7-1/2" STICKOUT INPUT $ 113. 25" diameter: Dodge NV4500 DDP / Light Duty Input Spline Count: 1992. The original version of the transmission had a 27-spline input shaft (shared with the THM200C and 2004R) which was a common failure point. We don't simply put new bearings and seals in a junkyard housing, we make sure only premium parts make it into our rebuilt cases: it typically takes us several core transfer cases to Built for strength, designed for competition and trusted for its reliability, the hardened input shaft from Performance Automatic is a welcome addition no matter what your application. May 08, 2018 · This is the Hughes steel billet input shaft for the Turbo 400, which has a spline count for the torque converter on one end and an increased number of splines for the modified forward drum. This is a must for performance vehicles using the 2004R transmission. Also note that the proper spline to count is the small input shaft as the larger shaft is the stator shaft and all of those are 27 spline, so be sure to count the smaller diameter shaft. ) must be swapped to a 31 spline Ford NP205 input or 32 spline GM 205 input to be compatible with our 203/205 kit. This shaft is good up to approximately 1600 hp. The Turbo 400 is compatible with most Jeeps. Front pump bearing kit . one is a slip yoke 2wd and the other had a 208 on it. 76 Carrier; Turbo Converter Splines; Length: 12-7/ 8'' Vaccu Melt 300 Hardened Input Shaft; Ford C4; 24/26 Spline Count; Each. the input shaft is fine splined with 2 grooves. 1. When looking at a Jeep that came from the factory with the Turbo 400, it’ll be bolted to either the BW 13-39 or the Dana 20 transfer case. 6L duramax diesel with 1969 – 1971 Jeeps with the T14 transmission used a 10 spline shaft. The THM400 can be visually identified by an oil All THM400 units had a 32 spline output shaft with the exception of from counter-rotating the engine in first gear  GM CHEVY TH400 TRANSMISSION OUTPUT SHAFT 2WD With O-RING 9 1/8" TH400 Trans Slip Yoke Muncie M21 T10 1350 3-3-2431X 31 Spline count. the transfer case has to be the same spline. 400 which would limit me to a 280 type clutch disc. The 21 spline shaft is frequently found in 4 cylinder applications and the 2. The T-10 is only manufactured for GM applications with the 26 spline input. Turbo 400 Billet Steel Forward Drum & Billet Input Shaft Product #223601B The Torsional Input Shaft works like a torsional spring bar, twisting and returning to totally eliminate breakage while reducing shock loads to the gear train. Input shaft is manufactured from proprietary steel billet material. On the output shaft itself, we want to get a spline count, but if you're looking at a Turbo 400 transmission, I wanted to point out that some of the TH400 transmissions that came out of trucks had a bolt-on yoke. In addition to our precision-machined torsional shafts for PG, TH350 Find Automatic Transmission Input Shafts with TH400 Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 400 - INPUT SHAFT - 300M - OEM All non-lockup TH-350's are 30 spline input shaft, and 27 spline output shaft. This is due to more rotating weight existing in the larger TH400 case. All new parts are added to the gearbox to give you a new firm and crisp feel in your steering. #223600B 300 Maraging input shaft with converter lube circuit removed for superior strength Drum made from 4140 HTSR billet steel Increased spline count from 30 O. Dodge NV4500 DDX / Heavy Duty Input Spline Count: 1994-2005 10 spline 1. The output shaft (Part #406027) will accept standard speedometer gears, has a bushing, but does not have provisions for an OEM governor. The TH-350 is a direct swap for the Powerglide; both share transmission mounting positions, overall length, and spline count. someone told me the stamped number on the raised pad is a partial vin number that would All Richmond transmissions use a Turbo 400 Yoke. 25" diameter All 200-4R transmissions have a 27 input shaft spline count. 5 Only 19 spline 1" diameter 1993 and up 10 spline 1. This model has a conservative rate of 450 ft. 52-7001. The output spline on the TH400 is finer than the 27-spline shaft in the Powerglide , TH200-4R and the TH350, so a new 32-spline yoke would be needed for the  31 Jul 2018 Back in the mid-to-late 80's, the Powerglide splines evolved into the Turbo spline/ 30 spline input shafts. I'm trying to remember when the 700's went to the bigger input shaft. 400, 168 Tooth Count, 1. Includes: Transbrake. Apr 14, 2007 · on one side of the case, there's large casting numbers 1304065903. so, you will either have to swap out your transfer case to a 32 spline 241, or just swap out your input shaft on the tcase. 75 Low, 1. This allowed me to re-use my drive shaft yoke from the Turbo 350. Only the finest state-of-the-art performance parts are used in Hughes competition units. if they are the same SWAP THEM OUT! make sure Apr 08, 2013 · All 700-R4s are 27 spline. This Advance Adapter adapter kit is designed to replace TH400 output shafts with stickout lengths of 1. As long as the Powerglide is equipped with an input shaft that features a Turbo spline (30 spline), then the torque converters will freely interchange between the PG, TH350, and TH400 transmissions. With 4;10 gears. This is important on Powerglides that may use turbo style (30 spline) input shafts and C-4 transmissions that come equipped with either 24 or 26 spline shafts. 063 in. 30 PPROT (16 ÷ 2. STOCK SM465 2WD OUTPUT SHAFT 35 SPLINE $ 116. Starting in 2011-2014, these year models were equipped with a 23 spline application. Non-lockup transmissions from 1968 have 27 splines. This would cover all 96-04 applications. 30 spline input and converter (1982-92) 4L80E 1000HP FWD Pattern HT35-3HD. im sure the spline count on the 400 transmissions output shaft The only way to prevent twist and breakage from massive torque is to increase the input shaft diameter, and the core of the big shaft system is big input shaft kit 353532-01K. Has 29 spline female input shaft, 31 spline rear output shaft. I believe the Turbo 400 GM version is 32 spline but not sure. input shaft spline. 00) Jan 09, 2018 · When power becomes a necessity, a customized 200-4R transmission with the appropriate torque converter can hit over 700hp and 675 ft. OR, just pull a th400/np241 combo out of a 3/4 ton burb or k20. A 71-74 Muncie (or Super T-10) + bell housing will replace a Turbo 400 and use the same yoke/driveshaft. ATI offers a slip fit hub and weight assembly for both the 400 and 454 allowing you to [5] Add “CCWP” to part number for counter clockwise timing marks. 1:06. It is highly regarded for its supreme durability. and the rule is to use a small block trans behind a bigblock Therefore, if you obtain a Dana 300 from a salvage yard, please verify the input spline. 52-1200. The output shaft has 25 splines. 00 (No core charge see details under core link) #N#MP1625/ 1626XHD 2007- Newer (2500/3500 series) Chevrolet Silverado- GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD with 6. A two-speed Turbo 400 goes 1:1 at the shift point, and this, Beattie Jr. 700R4 Input Shaft Spline Count. MT 28110R - Turbo spline only no holes in front with rings (good up to approx 1500HP). BorgWarner transmissions for Corvettes have a 26-spline input shaft and a 32-spline TH400 output shaft. 27 spline: (1971-79) The units supplied with a T350 automatic have a 27 spline male input shaft. ATI Input Shaft works like a torsional spring bar, twisting and returning to totally Designed to fit either the Powerglide or TH400 splines, these shafts are available for V8 12 7/8" - 1. NOTE 2: ALL V8 style lockup transmissions have an input shaft with a polished tip and rubber O-ring at the front end of this shaft. your tranny builder is wrong --- the 429 uses the same input length and spline count as the FE engines (1-3/8 x 10) Ford only had 2 lengths of input shafts one for bigblocks and one for smallblocks. Other GM automatic transmissions sharing the same 27-spline output are the Turbo 375, 200-4R and 700-R4. This shaft requires the removal of front stator tube bushing. Maybe that is where the confusion is from. 10 splines are suppose to only be good up to 400hp or so, although many make a lot more than that on it. In 1984, the 700R4 designed for use behind Chevrolet small block V8s received a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and which also used a different torque converter than its 2 The input shaft was changed from 27 spline to 30 spline on the 700-R4, not the output shaft. If so and you dont want to swap out the input shaft on the transfer case a 400 turbo will be the same spline count as long as it has the bigger shaft (they came with 2 different output shafts), the 4l60 and 4l80 from a newer full size has the same spline count. 76 - VASCO RINGLESS SUPER SHAFT - TURBO SPLINE 30 May 2012 The turbo 400 transmission from the manufacturer had 3 different output shaft Sign in to make your opinion count. 28, while the ‘Glide is 0. (iirc my 400 had 32 splines and my 350 had 27) Also check the adaptor for the transfer case. Designed to fit either the Powerglide or TH400 splines, these shafts are available for V8 and 6-cylinder carriers. Price: $399. The similarities also include the weakness's of each. Has a 10 spline output until 1982 - and then has 32 splines to match the NP208 transfer-case that came out the same year. V8 engines came with either a 3 or 4 speed Saginaw or Muncie. It was introduced to the larger car (B-body and similar) and truck lines as the TH-2004R was introduced to the car line. In my case, the number of parts that changed made the swap not worth my time. To install a TH-400 May 12, 2005 · I believe that the 400/350 shaft is stronger, but that is based on the fact that most of the ones I see that are built up for high horsepower for sale seem to use the 400 spline. g. 5". 0L 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder applications always used the 23 spline input shaft. I'm trying to figure out how much beyond purchase of trans I'll have to spend, specifically on flywheel and clutch set. Later production units were equipped with a 30-spline input shaft. * The Drum is machined from billet T6 aluminum and holds up to 5 clutches. This kit features a new 1 3/8-inch 32 spline rear output shaft, 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy tailhousing, new speedometer drive, shims, bearings, fastening TH400, SM465, and NP833 all match with their own spline count. Billet tuff torque input shaft, turbo or glide spline . There are no ring on the input shaft and it is a 26 spine. the output shaft appears to be 25 percent larger in diameter than the standard t10. 350 SHORT TURBO SHAFT $ 157. What is the difference between the Street 5-Speed Transmission and the Road Race Dennys Driveshaft transmission slip yoke and Transfer Case slip yokes powerglide t-350 t-400 4l60 4l80 700r4 muncie borg warner richmond doug nash c-4 c-6 aod top loader tremec 727 904 a833 for a variety of high performance car, street rod and race car applications as well as New Process and Borg Warner 4x4 truck slip yokes in 1310 1330 and 1350 series 3. Warn Industries 95060 Locking Hub 3 Piece Design 35 Spline 6 Bolt Dec 31, 2011 · Also, the PG and Turbo 350s are the same length as the above manual trannys (plus bell housing). just check to see if the lengths are the same and check how many splines the out put shaft has. If in doubt, count the The P/G input shaft spline length has changed over the years by different manufacturers, and even today there is no set length or standard length in the industry. Now if you have upgraded to a TKO, Magnum T-56 or have an 03-04 Cobra with an upgraded input shaft you will need to source a 26 spline count clutch. Our electronics and adapters will support a 6L80e or 6L90e but with a 6L90e you may need to modify the trans bracket to accommodate the extra length and verify what output shaft spline count you have. * The Input Shaft is permanently located by a Shoulder Stop and Snap Ring. READ FITMENT TABLE FOR FITMENT Yep Cobras use 10 spline too. gear set and output shaft . a traffic light went to take off and it sounded like it poped out of gear then started Sep 27, 2019 · The original version of the transmission had a 27-spline input shaft (shared with the THM200C and 2004R) which was a common failure point. The TH-400 uses a larger 32-spline output shaft. So to make a long story short. The larger diameter shaft paired with an upgrade in material quality gives this new input shaft a lot more backbone. Vaccu Melt 300 549700. Detroit Axle gearboxes are remanufactured and built to last. D. -lbs. iirc, the 400 only came with 32 spline output shaft. Notes: For 13/16" 36 spline or 31 Spline with Flat Spot Input Shafts with 3-1/4" OD steering coupling assembly. GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 4WD 6. Input Spline Quantity: 30. explains, is less of a gear split than any high-horse Powerglide (the lowest drop on a Turbo 400 is 0. ) and inspected gears and shafts. We build our 4L70Es with a 300mm input shaft and heavy-duty input drum, a steel five-pinion planet for added durability, a larger carbon fiber overdrive band for greater grip and reduced heat, and a super heavy-duty center MP1226XHD manual shift transfer case fits Sierra, Silverado 2500 3500, Suburban & Yukon XL 2500. Apr 19, 2018 · A lot of people claim that he TH350 has less drivetrain loss than the TH400, which means that all things being equal, the TH350 is going to get more power to the rear wheels from an engine with equal power. 87 Find Automatic Transmission Input Shafts with Turbo Input Spline Type and Powerglide Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The first input shaft design upgrades changed this 17 spline design to the 30 spline count. models916, 200-4R tranmissions have a "universal" bellhousing bolt pattern. 4R70W Speed Sensor Location. Large Bearing Dodge 205's (29 Spline Getrag 360 App. Price: $1300. Transmission Type: GM Turbo 400*, Muncie M22, 71-74 HD, Muncie 4spd, BW-DNE-Richmond, Super Input shaft is made from 300 Maraging. The input shaft is one of the most highly stressed parts of the transmission. Torque: 400 kg-cm (29 ft-lb, 39 N-m) (e) Align the matchmarks on the clutch cover and flywheel. Ditto on the trans outputs, the spline count MAY be different. Beginner's Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps The TH400 is an automatic shift, three-speed, longitudinally positioned transmission. 875" Output Shaft. turbo 400 input shaft spline count

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