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Welcome to this cursed venue! Ask box is open!! Human Zircons Headcanons :3 So, I blame @kiradillinger and @drawbauchery for this Also all of the other artist that have draw Courtship Here we go: -Yellow likes to hear the heartbeat of Blue’s Heart, Got around to check the Turas Realtas scans even if I didn’t find a translated version and man it seems like they really fleshed out the story of the first singularities that’s great! And the art Despite him being a 3 Star, I really like Salieri both in terms of his aesthetic and what he represents. < Servant List. Your ‘friendship’ with him was not just an ordinary friendship because it also represented the era of friendship and peace that is suppose to commence due to the treaty your kingdoms had signed. est. Neutral Balanced. Idc if it’s just as slow just let them. I tend to delete ooc posts ( excluding headcanons, some memes, and temporary posts such as starter calls, etc. Related threads: Create-A-Servant 1, the first Servant Sheet thread with old index. Almost everyone who was close enough to you knew about it, and even if they didn’t outright know that it was a romantic interest, they did understand that you were deeply intrigued and interested in him. ” Arjuna declared that he would carve out his own fate. be. Then I got Fran and D'Eon. Warning?: None. That being said, icons of fsf manga/fgo babylonia anime have been made by mellu from a commission. Some context for the idiots claiming the women are overreacting: This occurred at a Slut Walk. However, @fgo-headcanons might be able to help you. Atk: 1865-12068/HP: 1939-13225. CCC Kiara was also being restrained by hax from BB and her Sakura Five to allow the protag and their Servant, buffed up by hax, to beat Kiara. His title is the Ultimate Lucky Student (超高校級の「幸運」 lit. You have to fight evil Karna, Karna Alter in that singularity. He is not a weakling. ONE IN A MILLION! Join the official TWICE community for all ONCES! BLINK (블링크) 350,044 Members. To the sight of her beloved best friend and senpai , lying with a high temperature as she shivers in painful sleep, Mashu can only hold her hand close. — Okay, he tries to act like he doesn’t have a high sex drive– and the thing is, he actually didn’t before you came along and corrupted him lmao. Robin Hood used to set traps in the corridors to prank people, but after one hitting Hercules caused massive amounts of property damage, he wisely decided to stop Fate Imagines is a blog that takes (and accepts) requests for headcannons, short drabbles, and blurbs about the characters of the well-loved Fate Franchise. Voiced by Yuuki Aoi, Art by Takeuchi Takashi. This Divine Spirit aptitude is for the times when he fights sun deity-lineage Heroic Spirits with Divinity B Rank and lower. Shirou Kotomine assumes command over him before he even meets his Master, and through his machinations he later officially becomes Rider's Master. Bowing his head, dark hair hung over his features, denying the Archer such satisfaction of seeing. Showing 291 search results for character:gilgamesh - just some of the 500,000+ absolutely free hentai galleries available. This is a remake of my previous blog. 出典:Fate/Grand Order 地域:カルデア属性:秩序・善性別:女性. Relationship Headcanons: Karna and Bedivere. In other words, it’s my Headcannon. — MORE Wikia Fate Grand Order Việt Nam. May 3, 2020. Felt like I had to put a disclaimer in there so people wouldn’t think that it was an actual thing. Rarity R Class Shielder HP 1,854 Max HP 10,302. It depends on what you want, of course, but since you DO want the story-locked ones, it's definitely worth it. In simpler terms, it’s my headcannon. Also, here's some incorrect quotes and stuff. " Showing 291 search results for character:gilgamesh - just some of the 500,000+ absolutely free hentai galleries available. I think I’ll make putting a disclaimer on these posts a regular thing just in case it confuses someone. It is expected of servant, a knight, a king to serve and protect. 1080 All Servant's Signature Quirks! 78 Servants whose Class don't make sense. Dec 08, 2017 · I have a FGO focused blog called namelessarcher on tumblr if you're interested in headcanons and stuff! I also posted all of the headcanons onto my AO3 account (Also under itbeajen) for easier binge reading if you're interested! - discord & fgo adds are open for mutuals only - i only have one NA account because i wanna know what in the heckie is going on in this hellsent game that has me in debt. Fate/Series Headcanons I came and saw that you make great headcanons, uhh can i have fgo Hijikata dealing with Since becoming a Servant, he had made a minor sport out of analyzing various  22 Dec 2018 Update [02/25]. Of course darling, enjoy. Rewrite of Emerald Servant. Allow servants to level up themselves. He dares not show it on his face or in his words, but deep inside of him he yearns for a bit more. Their gown brushed their ankles, and they grabbed a chunk of the skirt fabric to hold it higher above the sand. 132,992 Members. fgo thoughts fgo headcanons fgo fgo cu chulainn fgo emiya fgo stuff fate grand order fgo fanfic caster cu chulainn caster cu chulainn lancer cu chulainn heroic spirit emiya shadow archer red archer alter saber altria pendragon alter arturia king fuckin Arthur separated these boys and hell yeah I'm pissed about it jk not really it's just an hc shitpost fgo fgo headcanons fgo headcanon mental health issues mental health this is a strange crossover of things that are of interest to me i'm sorry that i made this exist it's for me fate grand order fate stay night fate zero fate apocrypha fate prototype mildly related Posted 3 months ago with 142 notes Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 — 12:22PM henry jekyll jekyll and hyde fate grand order fgo na fate headcanons this was a fun little idea thanks for the brainstorm or whatever you wanna call this it’s late awake admin is not responsible for tired admins shenanigans most of the time #fate/grand order #fgo #headcanon #billy the kid #goodnight #i actually hate myself for writing this #its awful #the worst thing #'im going to bed #goodnight yall im hopin i dont wake up Mar 19th 2018 @ 12:00pm with 135 notes FGO headcanons Fanfiction. If I forgot to tag anything let me know! A little thing that I wrote, but heck if i can remember which servant i was writing it for so akjfkajf// i’m setting it free. Welcome to my Fate Headcanons blog. Hi. ID 068. ) QQABB. Arthur [FGO] EN SUB Artoria & Arthur Pendragon Voice Line Comparison FGO Servant Spotlight: Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) Analysis, Guide and Tips - Duration: 9:10. so here’s what none of y'all asked for which is some Servant!Risotto headcanons. 5, see: Nagito Komaeda (Illusion). Had to repost bc text editor was goin wonky on me ghkhk- Mod Avenger. Active Skills 1. Chaldea Headcanons: Asclepius . As a Ruler, and overall a servant, he can sense that they hold great potential as a mage. 5-Star Saber Limited Servant. Mun is 25+. He is a greatly misunderstood servant that deserves better attention, and you’re all hoes for trying to put him down like that. It summarizes the factors that influence the servants growth through Increasing their level, Ascension, Skill Reinforcement, and Noble Phantasm (NP) Level Reinforcement. artemis roaming the halls at night and running into dark corners like a cryptid when seen. you tell em they’re small fry, because they are. If you have any questions, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread more than the old one, so feel free to chime in, and check in here every once in a while - I'll probably keep updating the template to make it cleaner and more helpful. Fgo Headcanons/scenarios. Anyways, this means nsfw prompts/images/etc are bound to appear on here. 2,134 notes. ” Also WTB>>drawing skills so I   Who is your most wanted fgo servant rn, like including jp servants. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Summoning Risotto in a Holy Grail War. FE3H Character Impressions: Bernadetta Well, it seems we finally get to be introduced to Bernadetta. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Names are an important part of a person’s life. org The rule is simple: All you need to drag each servant class and your servant leader. the ginger midget is particularly shit at fgo gudako x merlin * fgo gudako & fgo gudako comic & fgo gudako x gilgamesh & fgo gudako yuri & fgo gudako x gudao & fgo gudako x solomon & fgo gudako x servant & fgo gudako x merlin Just found my new wallpaper for now. " •Whether it was coincidence or not, Amakusa is impressed, not not too fazed, that his Master is a mere child. #ya. “I’m your Servant, of course I can feel you. After all, names are the way in which you are called. Scathach always looks great Deciding to humor his long time acquaintance, Harry ends up in the Phantomhive manor as a servant. 13 May 2018 Welcome to my TED Talks - headcanon edition. I come to you all with a collection of muses who are champions of their craft coming from different places, which includes a girl who camps a lot by herself (Yuru Camp), a shield-bearing Demi-servant (Fate Grand Order), a Persona-user who came back years after a miracle (Persona 3), two *Note: This is an event that I, ChungHee22, have come up with on my own and it has nothing to do with the FGO company. Mun is 18, Enkidu is. We don’t know much about him, but by the gods here are some headcanons for the good doctor. Welcome to my TED Talks - headcanon edition. Cards NP Skills Passive Details Starting Servant. I’m really no good when it comes to graphics, so a promo like this’ll have to do. 1. All servants’ name including reveal servant’s “True Name” has been listed below. il: pako. So much for hiding,” you chuckled humourlessly. “Master!” Arthur calls out in worry as the beast finally pouches to deal the final blow to you. Yoosung: You and Yoosung were forced to be acquainted with one another since early childhood. ATK Rank: 116/196. black. Euryale Possible Heroic Spirits that could be added to FGO's lineup. Servant/ Rating Explanation; Zhuge Liang 10: If you're in the NA Server, Zhuge Liang is the best Support Servant you can afford as his skills can cater through the needs of the party's offense or defense or critical power AND NP gauge in the same time, while his NP is a mass debuff that can facilitate your party's damage output while also having a chance to stun an enemy and definitely Background 4; To tell the truth, her real identity is that of a fox that lived for over 300 years, but after a refreshing exchange with a certain fox-type good wife Servant - such as 「Our personas will overlap, so you better back off (this is a polished liberal translation)」 - she decided to be summoned as Servant while having a bat as her motif. I've also been playing Fate/Grand Order for a Maybe it’s the summer heat or the fact that she explodes her pet dragon when she uses her Noble Phantasm, but this woman is actually incredibly dense when it comes to her Master’s crush. He always knew you were happy and he kind of scoffed at it from time to time. I'm only getting on here for a little bit to inform everyone that I will be officially taking this blog apart. OOF this is hard. 12 Olympians + Hades and their FGO classes ( + explanation ) Zeus : Ruler ( bcs he’s ruler of the Olympians ), Archer ( he throws lightning bolts and throwing stuff is a valid enough reason for someone to be an Archer in Fate apparently ) Nov 22, 2018 · But yes, Theo could need someone who can keep him from following in his father's footsteps, and ride herd on Aisha from time to time (in which even Aisha's servant goes 'nopenopenope not getting involved when she goes maximum mom mode nope'), and as a final nail in the coffin, she's Japanese, which just twists the knife into E88 further. /fgog/ - Fate/Grand Order General - Archived content from 4chan's /vg/ - Video Game Generals - 4Archive. apollo as a little sheep fearing for his 'Mini Cú-chan' is a Prisma Causeway Event enemy that appears in 4ier!!! Kingdom of Snow Flowers and Honey [III] and Stage IV - Kingdom of Snow Flowers and Honey. When someone walks in, all tears are gone and suddenly she’s smiling again. The rate up servant is only sometimes a story-locked servant. You are very right anon, because shenanigans are inevitable with the Round Table in just about any situation. He is not an incel, nor problematic. Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Welcome to the Create-A-Servant thread, where you post your hypothetical Servant sheets to demonstrate your creativity, imagination, one-millionth version of an army-summoning NP, and absolutely appalling grasp of Wikipedia-culled history. If there is anyone else you want me to write omegaverse for, let me know. Ask & RP Blog for Shiro Emiya from Fate Series. The Project. There’s a lot of things in FGO I’ve discussed with others before that have bugged us for a long time so allow me to make a list of it. Headcanons, Fanarts and just plain Random. I really like the omegaverse and as much as I like Alpha Villains I want. toon-girl-abby Feb 21, 2019 - #Fate_Series #FateGrandOrder #Murasaki_Shikibu_Fgo #Osakabe_Hime_Fgo #Katsushika_Hokusai_Fgo #Anime #Comics #Manga #Character_Art #Character_Reference #Fan_Art #Character_Concept Bad End A: Master gets angry at the display of disrespect shown by their servant. Durable, yet slim and lightweight. - Will leave a group of people to die in a burning building if your on the verge of death. Want to ship? Feel free to tell me straight off! Yes, shipping does need chemistry between the two muses, but if you look at my muse and think ‘You know what, I’d like to ship my muse with theirs!’, feel free to tell me, even before we start threads! now all i need is ozymandias then my no shirt no service team will be complete backstreet's back alright thank you 5 star berseker i have every 4 star berserker servant but no 5 star i am very happy rn cu alter fgo gacha luck fate grand order ozymandias chaldea boys collection cu chulainn JUST COME HOME ALREADY OZY I HAVE GILGAMESH AND CASTER FE3H Character Impressions: Sylvain and Marianne So wednesday revealed a bunch of new videos for Three Houses, and I had a doctors appointment and a D&D session on Thursday, so I was pretty distracted The Official Amino Of Artist And Animator, Dollbites! Appleminte Official. navigation. Requested by: Anon. 5M ratings She is a really good servant, you just need to take your time with getting her material. bottoms. Transphobes of all kinds and aphobes gtfo. Your significance to him now outweighs the lives of manny. Fate Grand Order Prompt: "What servants do when their Master / s/o scared" Character: William Shakespeare, Vlad iii, and Avicebron William Shakespeare📝 He doesn't exactly feel fear its not a normal Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Several of the real people that have become Servants have aspects of their lives be changed to have them be involved in all sorts of supernatural shenanigans, whether it's adventures involving monsters, practicing and using magic, or just having connections to mythical and fictional characters who are real in this story. I won't post it again, so feel free to put the template link in your Fan Servant comment. Any original art such as the one above will be tagged #kikiji's art , any reblogs will be tagged #art by OP , any asks that doesn't involve daily content will be tagged #not a daily . I'm semi-selective about who I follow. His eyebrows are getting such a workout with how much he wiggles them at his Master. 2015. After the February trial, she quickly ganged a fan following, and it’s not hard to see why. High quality Fgo inspired Cases & Skins for Samsung Galaxy by independent artists and designers from around the world. Reverse S, Female, Neutral Balanced. fgo servant summer festival! 2018// caster gilgamesh (establishment) “why are you surprised? when it’s time to play, we should seriously enjoy ourselves. After death, he unified with Surya, making Karna one who possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude. Now if THAT was the case, then Ruby would be like 12-13, and the Beacon first years would be 14-15, and I am pretty sure that some of their demeanor and the stuff they want to show with these characters does/would not fit that age (mostly all of the more NSFW headcanons that a lot of people had during the vol 1-3 phase). Please enjoy :D. ☆mobile links. Finally got around to that one ask - @whyme-why-not, as I’m pretty sure you’re the one who asked this months ago, I hope you enjoy this! I’m sorry it took so long to get out, as well; getting Gawain’s and Lancelot’s characters down is a struggle for me, and with what’s happening in NY…I’ve been all over the place. Or more specifically, your magic. Not taking requests, but suggestions are aboslutely fine. . HP Rank: 63/196. Feat. For the illusion incarnation in Super Danganronpa 2. I also take headcanon requests. Table of Contents. Find unique and colorful cases & skins for your Samsung Galaxy on the Redbubble marketplace. you’re out for your run and some pair of bastard brats corner you and come to your school to watch you practise. Please don't take it personally if I don't follow back. If I missed any tags feel free to let me know! The singularity was tough, and as your trusted servant, Siegfried saw that it took a toll on you immediately The skies were blue, but for you, there was rain Siegfried gently pulled you into a warm embrace that, for a second, made you forget that you were still on the remains of a war-torn battlefield Achilles (Rider) Type: #1 Headcanons. It's said that when asked by his Mother whether he'd like to live a normal and peaceful life or die like a hero, he chose the latter without hesitation. “So,” Ishtar continued, leaning down. fgo-headcanons. Both SFW and NSFW Friendly. Fantasy   22 Mar 2020 Let's Play Fate / Grand Order - Part 1 [The Beginning] Luck sack tanner gets three 4 star servants and 2 4 star craft essence on his tutorial summon the popular headcanon is that the MC are the childs of Shirou and Rin. cas gil is the servant of the month and gosh can you believe that it’s taken me this long to write for him??? smh @ myself for taking so long to write for him– welp here it is. ” fate series q *The group drives on through the ruins smashed and ruined city, where bits of ash flutter in the wind. If click and drag doesn’t work, use “print screen” or “snipping tool” to capture the screenshot in one image (Example, here’s my party). ofswordsandpens:. Selena’s lore in a nutshell. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! The sorrowful me to the lonely you. - Karna somehow finds himself disappointed. ” “Oh right. Lets us grant those last wishes affiliated caster ( nursery rhyme ) from fate/ Fate/Zootopia - Headcanons - part 5Texture – A texture is a name given to a layer of the fabric of reality. ↳ Tags: Gender Neutral Reader, Caster Gilgamesh, NSFW-ish, Biting To Leave Marks, Established Relationship. Caster's True Name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (ヴォルフガング・アマデウス・モーツァルト, Vorufugangu Amadeusu Mōtsaruto), he is a musician and one of the world's leading genius composer All of my headcanons and drabbles (that were not already posted on AO3 under their respective series/names) from my FGO oriented blog, namelessarcher! Language: English Words: 185,941 Chapters: 585/? Comments: 176 Kudos: 1408 Bookmarks: 84 Hits: 53864 championselect:. fgo fate grand order king hassan grand assassin gramps original form anime fate babylonia tiamat grand servant ritsuka fujimaru mash ishtar by nanbaka-headcanons I wanted to see the servant universe Arjuna that Archer Arjuna and Berserker Arjuna fusion and become the Saber Arjuna Yes, it’s Mysterious hero AA “I’m sick and tired of playing on the fate set by the gods. •Because his Master is still a child, they are very susceptible of being influenced and manipulated by Amakusa. For that reason alone, a typical Assassin class servant would not be enough to weather this grand conflict. A place to share art, get inspired, and support others! Twice (트와이스)ㅤ. Friendly reminder that - Percy’s neutral expression is a natural brooding look that he gets from Poseidon Dec 18, 2018 - WesKer and Gilgamesh, faraon de eqipto y rey de babiloniase hicieron grandes amigos despues de la guerra de los barbaros del norte An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Anonymous Tue Jul 18 19:00:36 2017 No. Please read rules before rping with me. Gonna be real with you. old url was @ jiyxu. There is a desperate, and mostly silent, war between the servants who want to protect the childlike servant's innocence and the ones who don't care. In Yorimitsu’s case, her divinity is the result of her heritage as a child of Gozu Ten'ou. esausrpmemes:. End of story. to. watchmakermori:. ) within a day or so in order to keep my blog clean. Saturday-Thursday: Mainly Incorrect Ai Quotes with a possible mixture of other content such as headcanons, reblogs, etc. lives in the usa (est ). 429  Starting Servant. personalities were merged, eos’ absolute love for humans and eleana's distaste of touch make quite a combination. Between the two of you, you were the one that was more reluctant to leave Arthur behind than for him to leave you behind in your journey to become a better Magus. Quick NP (Deal significant DEF-ignoring damage to a single enemy. Jun 22, 2018 · 170 videos Play all Fate/Grand Order - Servant Dialogue Lines (with English Subtitles) Raizu Stash [Fate/Grand Order] Artoria Lancer's Voice Lines (with English Subs) - Duration: 9:39. All of my headcanons and drabbles (that were not already posted on AO3 under their respective series/names) from my FGO oriented blog, namelessarcher! Notes: Please direct any and all requests to the actual blog on tumblr (namelessarcher). BNHA Omegaverse - Omega Dabi HC. I do plan on deleting it, however, I am moving all my writing over to a new multi-blog. which allows you to reverse the typical roles in FGO by having Arjuna play the hero for once and explore his character for real, and explore Karna as the villain. You can search Discord servers by your interest like Gaming, Anime, Music, etc. _pageName ID Traits; _pageName ID Traits; Abigail Williams: 195: Servant, Humanoid, Divine, Threat to Humanity, Under 165cm, Western, American, Not Weak to Enuma Elish Jun 23, 2017 · This article contains the Beginner’s Servants Growth Guide. Gilgamesh has Clairvoyance in all forms and knows the True Name and Noble Phantasm/Abilities of a Servant just by looking at them. I didn't mean to get this attached to Fate/Grand Order. Horus/19/he-him/trans guy/5'4"/kin with the Adobe Connect gods. They come to the Yodo river, where-* Whoa, stop! Autopilot stop! danganronpa v3 danganronpa v3 kaede akamatsu miu iruma maki harukawa gonta gokuhara kaito momota rantaro amami tsumugi shirogane shuichi saihara himiko yumeno chiemi shimizu Dec 07, 2017 · Made possible by shinaobi, Magery, Turing, and a whole bunch of others who facilitate my madness. Of course,you knew you weren’t always the first in the long line of Romani (Solomon)’s wives, but all at the same time, you couldn’t help but feel that something against your chest was hopelessly dashed (and broken) on solid rock when you thought about how he could have had women Gilgamesh Visits Modern Uruk. Now I'm here to stay. He hides when there’s thunderstorms because of trauma related to his death at Zeus’s lightning. Nov 22, 2018 · Whups, I mean the SIUL thread, or the Of Servants, Isekai, and Utter Lunacy Thread, which is a another Fate Grand Order thread under creative writing that's a Highschool DxD crossover. 1 Danh  25 Mar 2020 Post Your FGO Memes Here 2: Epic of Memes. Doesn’t have to be BNHA or HC. Summary: Shirou Emiya is being used as a vessel by his ancestor, Sengo Murasama in order to help out old friends of his as well as save the world. The labours of the Department of Astrology. I have a hard time respecting “Anonymous feedback”. Crossover - Harry Potter & Kuroshitsuji - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Family - Chapters: 19 - Words: 77,713 - Reviews: 275 - Favs: 812 - Follows: 1,092 - Updated: 10/25/2019 - Published: 7/13/2018 - Harry P. As a pseudo-servant, he has access to all the skills and abilities he had as a human, along with the skills of Murasama, mainly his absurdly good blacksmith skills. And he is canonically on-par with if not a better swordsman than Artoria. Canon Divergent. It has and always will be. Okita Souji, First Unit Captain of the police force that was active during the end of the shogunate, the Shinsengumi. For the gssr I got okita and in Holmes summoning the first thing that I got was Orion which I thought was gonna be atalante, who I got next and is np4 now, followed by astolfo(np2) and siegfried and at that moment I knew all my luck was gone and I won't get hokusai or Abigail unless I spend a 1000 sq. Master tugged on the shawl draped over their left shoulder and crossed it more tightly over their chest. amelimiles asked:May I request headcanons for Archer EMIYA with a master s/o who always is very happy and upbeat but when nobody’s looking, they cry alone and suffer. Jul 14, 2018 · FGO headcanons 2. This isn’t the reaction he expected given their interactions up to this point, so he’s disappointed. Rolling for your favorite servant be like 514 points • 32 comments - Rolling for your favorite servant be like - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet! How about a headcanon with how Ozymandias and Nitocris would deal with a A lot of Medb headcanons with some of the other female servants because I  Written for the servants that I looked at the Servant List on the FGO Wiki for and thought “huh they'd probably handle this xyz way. #N#NP per Hit (%) NP when Attacked (%) #N#Star Absorption. ↳ Tags: Gender Neutral Reader, Reader/Servant Relationship, Servant Is Up To You, SFW. It’s endearing, of course, and the knight is quick to point it out as soon as his bout of laughter passes. The lifelong work of Director Maris-Billy Animusphere, Lord of the Clocktower and Patriarch of Live Love Anime. 1 May 2020 The red seiba was buffed recently, but is it enough for her to surpass her father? #FGO #Apocrypha #FateGrandOrder Original Mordred  [ Tìm hiểu thêm về Servant ] thể xuyên phá. Cú Chulainn(s) Headcanons. Humanoid Servant Divine Weak to Enuma Elish Heaven or Earth Male. 5 seconds without him even lifting a finger; Cascú wears glasses whenever it’s late and he’s working on how to better his rune craft because his eyes are tired and can’t seem to focus on the words in front of him without them. Maanna trailed behind her, almost like a well-behaved puppy. May 08, 2020 · Filed under Red Faction is Best Faction. this is an independent, semi-selective rp blog for jae-ha from akatsuki no yona, but you don't have to know anything about the series; i hardly rp in the canon anyways. I don't care what fan theories or headcanons there are about it, I have no plans of changing something I already established to fit into them. because i like it and it has a nice hopeful tune at the end. CCC Kiara is different from FGO Kiara in that FGO is weaker as unlike CCC as one is compared to a solar system being in Saver and the other isn't. I’ve rambled enough though. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne is a goddamn Saint, and has every right to be upset about his past. The World is formed not only by one but, by multiple layers of textures, all folded together around the surface of the planet. fate grand order fate headcanons you’d think i’d have more time to write with all this going on except for the fact that retail is even busier now than ever i’m gonna keep trying to find time to do requests though i promise i haven’t forgotten about this blog things are just really rough right now Fionn appreciation thread- Long life to lord salmón. I hope we get a true Caster-Class version of him in the future, maybe as a welfare servant for an event. also gacha has been giving me a very difficult time so here’s in hopes of better rng luck for fgo. Achilles snuck some mistletoes from their original spots to accommodate him. GENERAL RULES This blog is mutuals only, meaning I will only RP with people whom I follow, and who follow me in return. The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. Keep in mind I’m pretty canon divergent as I don’t particularly enjoy fate canon anymore. He has a similar active skill set to Cú Chulainn (Alter). From Fate/Grand Order Wiki. Karna the son of Surya, the Sun God. Enemy Buff Removal. A/N: When will Green Genji come to FGO… I want him to be a 4★ to match Atalante and PentPent, but I feel he might be a 5 ★ Servant instead. In CCC the one who swallowed up Moon Cell has reached a level of power that is Authority class. Star Generation per Hit. Smh. You, who by all means, is better at serving a supporting and tactical role than standing at the frontlines. It's a round robin that's completely bonkers where writers follow the taken to another world trope because While this ability means little in and of itself, a Servant’s divinity may affect how they interact with the abilities of other Servants. ️J/R Whether or not it'll just be an event where we get him as a free servant or if they have a new limited servant debut as well will depend on if the 2018 Chaldea Boys event has Achilles and/or Chiron debut (assuming they have Avicebron, who aside from Achilles and Chiron, is currently the only Apocrypha servant not in the game, be a 3-star servant). Most of the time you can only roll the story-locked servants in the Story Gacha. For @gilga-mess. As shy as you were, your crush on the Count was rather obvious. Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā) is a Caster-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. ATK 1,261 Max ATK 6,791. This also means mun with not interact on nsfw terms with 17 below people. I do plan on deleting it,  FGO sideblog run by jenn & may / headcanons / imagines / art / do not use or repost our works without permission. 20 Feb 2020 Servant List/EN. mhchip: . I’m sorry, but this blog is for FGO and FEH crossover headcanons! So I won’t be taking requests that don’t involve interactions between the two. #*sees long diarmuid post and hits reblog* #while its true grainne put a geas on him in the version i read it technically only made him run away with her #not fall in love with her #but like 15 years on the run with only one other person by your side will do that to you #also theres the part where in the legend diarmuid literally turns to his friends and is like #hey if i go with the geas A God Spirit Class Servant should naturally possess Authorities, but to use them in the modern age requires a corresponding compensation to be paid (involving strain/damage inflicted on the user). Head And Scathach (Lancer) in military uniform: Fate/Grand Order anime art [Artist. FGO Friend Code is 453,160,112! “Avenger, I didn’t expect you to make that sort of face…” Diarmuid trails off, averting his gaze and stifling his laughter with a hand. The purpose is that you For the illusion incarnation in Super Danganronpa 2. cloudcuckoolander527:. fgo-headcanons: List of things I want to change/ be added to FGO. Maybe. Raizu Stash Type: Scenario. Rider of "Red" ("赤"のライダー, "Aka" no Raidā) is the Rider-class Servant of Cabik Pentel of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. The goal of this blog is to analyze Arjuna’s relationship with his brother Karna, and to develop him to a point where he is able to let go of his demons without going through bullshit Servant dreams like what they did in FGO. >On 4 March, Saratoga departed Majuro with an escort of three destroyers to reinforce the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean and allow it to attack Japanese-controlled territory. Tristan is one of a small number of Servants capable of removing an enemy’s buffs with either a skill or NP. Like his loyalty as a servant Ishtar floated closer to you, an eyebrow raised. Thanks a whole bunch, guys. It's cute and fun to see in art, however, it's not what I want to do. Salieri + s/o Comforting Headcanons. Gawain x Reader Relationship Headcanons • Even though he may be bound to his King as a knight, he is bound to you as your lover~ • When you two had first started dating and you accepted him, he just seems to be beaming with joy everywhere he goes when he thinks of you and doesn’t hesitate to try to get you know you even more than he did Increases own Quick performance for 3 turns. For See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I also tend to clear out most likes every week, just so that I can navigate my likes to find memes that I would like to reblog in the future, etc. Explore merlinscloset Tumblr blog with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience - Headcanons for Fate/Grand Order. ON PARTIAL INDEFINITE HIATUS. 22 Apr 2018 Ask blog for Fate/Grand Order Servants, run by Mod Robin! Requests are CLOSED / headcanons / scenarios / check the about page for my  13 Jan 2019 r/grandorder: Welcome to /r/grandorder, the central hub for Fate/Grand Order and about our Servants due to the experiences we've had with them in the game. Answer: Actually funny you should bring him up, because recently I found fansprites for an Al Capone Servant, and I think he is better as an Assassin by the way #diarmuid ua duibhne #fate grand order #fgo #headcanons #mod jenn #head-cannoncenteral #head-cannoncentral Anonymous asked: artoria (saber) finding out that her younger master (like 13 or 14) wants to be a knight Requests are CLOSED / headcanons / scenarios / check the about page for my FGO friend code. haikyuu 2x01 is the funniest fucking episode when you think of it in hindsight. HATE. FGO Servant ; vessel of dawn the goddess of dawn, eos, summoned as a pseudo-servant ( class: caster ) in the body of eleana asahina. I guess my most wanted as of this moment would be my manslayer bb Okada  20 Oct 2018 In which an anonymous Master is confessed to by various servants. He is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate A blog for Fate/Stay Night headcanons, fanfiction, and crack. I’ve been RPing as kirei for almost 4 years now so I’d like to think I know what I’m doing. Arthur and NSFW and some SFW FGO/BNHA/FINAL FANTASY/KNB/ and more stories/one-shots! Requests welcome! If you have a problem address me like an adult. 5K Reads 41 Votes 9 ☆ A fanfic about you and your favorite Servant ☆ ☆ Can be in a romantic way and bad ending way ☆ ☆ Maybe accepts fgo headcanons/imagines [] rules & info. i’m 22. Note, I’m going off of 10 years ago knowledge of Monty Python so I may miss some of your favorite moments, but I’ll try to hit all major moments. In the goddamn FGO first video or whatever, the ground shakes when Gil’s sword hits the ground while he’s dueling Saber. Super High School Level Good Luck). If you set a slice of cake down near him it will disappear in . I'm familiar with Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/Extra Last Encore. HOME ABOUT RULES TAGS. imagine you’re fucking ushijima, one of the best youth volleyball players in japan. Cu feels guilty and apologizes, playing it off like it never happened. DISBOARD is the public Discord server listing community. fgo fate grand order ACHILLES!! lancer brynhildr headcanons brynny needs more love honestly Anonymous headcanon Anonymous inquired: I haven’t seen any brynhild headcanons so could you please write some for her? she deserves love. Alter likes sweets. monopoly night is a minefield bc guda manages to bankrupt ishtar and the next hour was spent twisting the rules as much as possible so ishtar can win and not cry herself to sleep. 21 notes Sep 20th, 2019. Self Star Drop Rate Up Self Evade Target Focus Self Debuff Res Down I know he's kinda recent, but a servant I want to see in Fate/Grand Order is Al Capone, either as an Archer or Assassin class Servant. Just a bunch of headcanons that i've came up with. , Ciel Mar 27, 2018 · A little fic on how Gudako comes to be based on one of my headcanons For a week following the fall of the Chaldea they know, Fujimaru Ritsuka had got a horrible case of fever. Authors Emiya(Archer) Angst Headcanons Anon asked: can i get some Heroic spirit emiya angst head cannons?? Sure thing darling, I never really understand what this means but I do get that it is suppose to be sad so I hope I have done so right, I wasn’t sure which type of scenario you wanted so I went with the classic. The purpose is that you I Have Adopted Mordred. them. having Rin/Ishtar and Emiya/Archer as her parents immediately brings them to the forefront of God it really must be so wild to have actual gods just running around in chaldea. - You can try and runaway but your an ordinary mage while he’s a powerful servant that can easily pin you down. Affection lost. - I’VE ROLLED & GOTTEN NP2 FURRY SABER BUT STILL NO ALTER - EGOS. That is what drove one master of the Black Faction to search far and wide for their candidate, beyond the stories of the Hashshashin, and beyond the confines of the western world itself. She doesn’t notice your stares or how you cheer her on while she pummels the enemy to a pulp, she just thinks that’s how you are. A/N: Merlin headcanons coming right up! Merlin >If Merlin is attracted to his Master, any Master-Servant relationship boundaries have flown out the window. Achilles (Rider) #1 - Mistletoe. Nửa người, nửa Servant, một sự tồn tại không thể lí giải. As such, Tristan is an excellent Servant to bring in to protect against sudden or inevitable AoE NPs. So I’m writing this. INTRO ! yo, i’m cheri or rere (she/her pronouns ). Update [02/25] I’m only getting on here for a little bit to inform everyone that I will be officially taking this blog apart. There are a few story-locks who get rate ups semi-frequently, but others just don't at all. A little more than obsessionYandere! Leon x reader x Yandere! Raihan Part 2 First things first a round of applause to Leon for finding his way to the restaurant without getting lost. 17343455 >>17343429 Actually she did. The lifelong work of Director Maris-Billy Animusphere, Lord of the Clocktower and Patriarch of Dec 07, 2017 · Made possible by shinaobi, Magery, Turing, and a whole bunch of others who facilitate my madness. Increases own critical damage for 3 turns. A/N: Technically, RFA includes V and Saeran too, but this only has the five from the main story. Requested by: anon. 8 Terrible Valentine's Cards from Servants Head And Heart, Fate. No. Son of the Sun God. this idea popped up suddenly and i just really- needed to write this out. The Lighthouse. Sengo Muramasa from FGO. I’d forgotten about that part. Who knows. One that swept through his life like a gale, while shining with a brilliance befitting the title of a hero. Using Iskandar against him, drawing forth those unpleasant memories of his Servant being defeated by the same hand that held onto him, what a low blow. #archer #assassin #avenger #berserker #caster #fate #fategrandorder #fateseries #fgo #headcanons #lancer #rider #ruler #saber #thefateseries Round Table Watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Requested by: anonymous. The Master of Chaldea and King of Heroes traveled the wasteland on bare feet. Merlin’s Rank: A flirting skill comes out ten-fold when he’s around his Master. I don't have a problem with the idea. <br /> Of all the talented swordsmen in the group May 13, 2018 · **PLEASE TURN ON CC TO SEE TRANSLATIONS** Translated by me! I did a lot of work on the FGO wiki. Salieri comforts s/o Well, of course, there was the matter that the relationship between the two of you was a little bit more than just Master and Servant, but that wasn’t the case. *Note: Again, this is an event that I, ChungHee22, have come up with on my own and it has nothing to do with the FGO company. Ned Kelly · Sun Can I ask for any Shakespeare/Shakespeare Alter headcanons? ✨. Yet here you stand, between danger and your knight. It always did kind of bother you that you were named after such an important historical figure in your life, and yet you couldn’t live up to the name. Compatible with wireless charging and PowerShare. BLACKPINK in your area! Join the official BLINK Amino! >>289147527 No, LB4 king should have been Duryodhana who won the war, and the world became a hell as a result. 絆等級2, 仮想宝具 疑似展開/人理の礎ランク:D 種別:対人宝具ロード・カルデアス。 憑依した英霊の真名  . MUN and MUSE are 18+. fgo servant headcanons

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